Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Upcoming Bout for the Quad State Terrors

What are you doing on the evening of Saturday, February 28th? I'm sure you'll be with me watching the Quad State Terrors Rollergirls take on the Killamazoo Derby Darlins at Skatetown USA in West Chester. You can see the QSTR on MySpace. It will be the first local derby bout in 2009. Here is the bout poster with more information.

Monday, February 16, 2009

CRG 2009 Pre-Season Party

To kick off the 2009 season, the Cincinnati Rollergirls held a party at Grammers in OTR last Friday night. Dianne and I had never been there before. The building has a lot of character -- the windows in the bar area are beautiful.

The group mingled for awhile in the bar. The first photo is the trio of Trauma Tease, Glamour Azz, and Jungle Lacy.

CRG Preseason 5

Here is a photo of Thor and The Librarian in her classic pose.

CRG Preseason 2

And two of the new referees are Captain Gorgeous and Jenn.

CRG Preseason 3

The group took a break from the bar and then headed upstairs to one of the rooms to have a round of full contact musical chairs. The carpeted floor didn't slow the action too much. It hopefully provided a little padding for the falls. Here is a photo in an early round where Trauma, Sk8 Crime, The Librarian, and a rookie skater (Anna?) jockeyed for seats on three chairs.

CRG Preseason 8

In a later round, The Librarian gives up after a take down by Sk8 Crime -- a reminder of years past. While they were busy "fighting", Trauma came out of the crowd and helped herself to the final seat.

CRG Preseason 10

It was a fun evening! You can see a few more photos in my Flickr photo set here.
Be sure to catch the Cincinnati Rollergirls at their first home bout on March 21st at the Cincinnati Gardens.