Friday, June 17, 2011

No More 4 Ewe

I haven’t been blogging about all my derby activities this year.  One reason is I’m a slug.  Also, I’ve been volunteering as one of the textcasters for the Cincinnati Rollergirls’ home bouts this season.  You can read some comments from the bout in the DNN bout archives.  Because of that I haven’t been posting here on CRG bouts this year even though I’ve been to them all (in fact, all home bouts since the first Super Roll Sunday).

I want to get a quick post out before the last CRG home bout of the season tomorrow night.  If you haven’t caught a CRG event at the Cincinnati Gardens yet this year, be sure to attend tomorrow night.  CRG had an ambitious schedule this year that has brought some very good teams to the Gardens.  This has resulted in some exciting derby action for the home town fans!  Although CRG hasn’t won these events as judged by the final score, I think they have won in terms of their performance.  For the most part CRG has hung in there and kept things close against tough competition.  Even against the Windy City Rollers, who are #1 in the North Central region and undefeated against North Central opponents, the two teams were neck and neck for most all of the first period!  While some might not agree with DNN ranking criteria, it’s this type of effort that helped CRG move up the rankings a bit in the last update.

The main reason to post though is that tomorrow night will be the last home bout for four Cincinnati skaters: Hop Devil, Miss Print, Sk8 Crime, and Trauma.  Hop Devil has been a wonderful surprise for the team these last couple years.  She is a solid jammer with good speed and intuition.  I hope we’ll see her on the track in the future – although sadly not for CRG.  Miss Print is one of the original CRG skaters that has had an impact both on and off the track.  And when I say off the track, I’m thinking both for CRG and also for derby in general through her blog and media presence.  Fortunately, she’ll continue to be involved with CRG.  Sk8 Crime is another original CRG skater and one that I gave some pretty harsh comments early on.  Boy was I wrong!  She is a skater who is talented on the track and also someone who uses her passion and leadership to help the team a lot off the track as well.  Finally, Trauma has been a strong, versatile part of the team since she started (I think in 2008).  She can block with the best of them and has the speed to step in as a jammer.

I’ll miss seeing all of them skating regularly for CRG!  Thanks for giving us some great derby memories starting way back at Castle Skateland and carrying through to today at the Cincinnati Gardens.  I wish all of you all the best in the future!