Sunday, March 15, 2009

BBRG and GCRG Scrimmage

Today I went up to Skateworld of Kettering to watch a scrimmage between the Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls and the Gem City Rollergirls. There were some familiar faces skating on the BBRG team, but there were also several skaters that were new to me. Very few of the GCRG skaters were familiar from past bouts against the Cincinnati Rollergirls, and they had quite a large group of skaters suited up for the event. Apparently GCRG has a lot of new blood (or fresh meat) coming in to the team.

BBRG versus GCRG 18As you might expect with a scrimmage, GCRG was trying many different combinations of skaters for each jam and they were rotating people among positions as well. That seemed to make it hard for GCRG to get a rhythm going, although it was good experience for the skaters. There seemed to be some confusion with scoring at the start of the first period -- or at least some confusion in the crowd. Four of us, including a couple volunteers, noticed GCRG's score go from 9 down to 4 at one point. BBRG dominated the first half with some speedy jammers and some good blocking. The photo at right shows Aine Ass skating straight out from the inside of the turn to block GCRG jammer Seoul Sister out. At the end of the first 30 minute period the Black-n-Bluegrass team was ahead 73 to 11.

In the second period, GCRG put together some good jams. At one point with BBRG shorthanded due to some penalties, GCRG used a wall of blockers to effectively tie up the opposing jammer while their own jammer, Racey Rocket, scored quite a few points. She had a few good jams in the second period that increased the GCRG point total quite a bit. The scrimmage ended with a score of BBRG 129 and GCRG 63. Congrats to Black-n-Bluegrass!

I posted a few photos from the scrimmage below -- including a BBRG team photo. You can see all my photos in a Flickr set here. I was trying a new, multiple flash technique. I haven't perfected the technique yet but it was a good place to try multiple flashes since the lighting made natural light photos impossible for me.

The next GCRG bout is against the Ohio Roller Girls on April 19th. The Black-n-Bluegrass team gets in full swing in May. Check out their site for more information.

Florence Nite-n-Hell squeezes between two GCRG blockers.
BBRG versus GCRG 8

Nuk'em blocks Slay as Nastee breaks out of the pack.
BBRG versus GCRG 10

Roseanne takes a fall after some GCRG blocks.
BBRG versus GCRG 24

Black-n-Bluegrass team at the scrimmage.
BBRG versus GCRG 50


  1. Hahaha! I remember that one. I clotheslined myself. And I look like I'm breakdancing. XD

    Thanks to GCRG for being such great hostesses! <3 We had a blast and enjoyed seeing so many new faces on both sides of the track.

  2. Once again THANK YOU for making the Trek up to Dayton!


  3. Roseanne and Betty -- thanks for visiting and leaving comments. It's always fun to see you and the BBRG group in action.

  4. Thanks for these wonderful photos! I've been reading your blog for a while, and had no idea you were coming up! Thanks BBRG, it was a total blast to play against you ladies :)

    Poppy Z Fright