Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Post

This is the inaugural post to my new blog. Many thanks to Dianne for her graphics help to customize the blog template.

Since August of 2006, I've been including roller derby posts on Earl World. My first post about the first Cincinnati Rollergirl bout was pretty rough and a bit harsh. They've come a long way and, I hope, my derby posts have improved as well.

Dianne and I have been to many of the local flat track derby bouts and we've traveled to a few in cities around the area. I always post my takes on the match along with some photos. Following derby bouts there is always a spike in blog traffic. But I know not all the regular Earl World readers are interested in roller derby posts and most derby fans aren't regular readers of other topics I post about.

So I've decided to split out my derby blogging and keep things together in this blog. I'll still blog about bouts I attend and upcoming events I know about. Comments are always welcome. Leave your thoughts, complaints and criticisms (but not spam). You can also check out derby links in the right sidebar. You'll find links to area teams, blogs, and derby news sites I find interesting.

Most of all, go to a bout in your area and catch the derby fever!


  1. Nice Earl! Can't wait to read your posts on the Derby world. :)

    Btw, LOVE that pic of Sadie on your header. It's great! So sadistic!

  2. This is my inaugural comment.

    I'm calling you "Rabies" from now on.

  3. Awww shucks Earl... that is just awesome. You and Dianne are the BEST!! All of us rollergirls just love you guys. Thanks for all the support. BTW also, nice pic of the amazing Juwana Hurt putting the hurt on Sir Wheel. ;) Hope to see you soon.