Monday, January 26, 2009

A Surprise From CRG

CRG PosterI was pleasantly surprised at work last week by a visit from Bex Pistol, one of the Cincinnati Rollergirls. We work for the same company, but at different sites. She was in the building for a meeting and stopped by to say hello. Although I recognized her, it did take a bit since I usually see her on skates and not in her "civilian clothes."

Bex also gave me a poster that shows the CRG home bout schedule for 2009. If you missed my post from last week with the schedule, here it is again. The cool thing about the poster was that quite a few folks from the CRG group took the time to sign it for Dianne and me. That was very nice of all of you to sign the poster. You can see the back of the poster with the signatures below. Thanks much to all!

I did note that Polly Rocket was one of the skaters who signed the poster. Polly was a long time Gem City skater -- doing her share of jamming. I mentioned her in several of my old posts on Earl World. You can read a post about the Holiday Havoc bout (which did include a lot of havoc), and two Gem City and CRG bouts here and here. It's good to know that she has joined the CRG group.

CRG Poster

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  1. That is really cool! I didn't know they were doing that. :( I would've signed it for you guys promise. ha!