Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quad State Terrors Rollergirls

If there is one thing you learn quickly about roller derby skaters it is that they are passionate about the sport. I guess that's true of any athlete. But the time commitment derby participation requires, that is above and beyond the other pressures of work and family, makes it seem that much more impressive to me when they pay to play.

So what do derby girls like to do when they have some "spare time?" For the Quad State Terror Rollergirls the answer is skate some more. The Quad State Terrors are a group of skaters from teams in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio that put together a traveling team that skates against other leagues. We saw them for the first time at the tourney in Evansville just before the holidays.

The Terrors have quite a few skaters from the Cincinnati area. I think their challenge is to gel as a group since they aren't practicing a couple times a week together. If they can anticipate each others' actions and communicate effectively, they will be a very successful team and will be a lot of fun to watch.

If you are on MySpace, you can check out their team page here. Their first bout of the season is in Knoxville on February 21st. On February 28th they'll be skating against the Killamazoo Derby Darlins at Skatetown in Cincinnati. The Killamazoo site mentions they finished their 2008 season undefeated. Should be an interesting event -- and it is right in our backyard. Be there to cheer on the Quad State Terrors!

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